Advancements in science have furthered many permanent and semi-permanent techniques in the field of cosmetology. Some of these techniques were considered harmful but not anymore. These techniques are perfectly safe and lead to long-lasting results when done by a professional.

Powder brows are one such semi-permanent makeup technique that provides your eyebrows with a soft powdery effect. This is done by a skilled artist using a shading technique that requires the use of a device that resembles a tattoo gun. When done right this can result in darker, denser, and natural-looking eyebrows.

They are several factors that can affect the results of semi-permanent makeup techniques. Procedures such as microblading and microneedling are more common for brows but for women who have oily skin the results that powder ombre brows provide are far superior. 

The Need For Powder Brows!

Semi-permanent makeup became a hit in a very short span of time, especially for eyebrows and lips. We all remember a time when doing the brows was a tedious task, and even after investing a lot of time, we weren’t able to get the brows we wanted.

Sharpie, razor blades, and liner pencils did more harm than good. This is why when semi-permanent makeup became mainstream, everyone jumped on the opportunity.

One of the trends that semi-permanent makeup gave us is powder brows. Also known as ombre brows. The technique is not really new as it has been practiced for ages. It first surfaced in Asia, but it kept getting better with time which brought it the limelight it deserves.

People who are into soft brows and love the pencil-line eyebrow look prefer powder brows over any other makeup procedure. 

Once the procedure is completed, and the brows are healed completely, you will notice that your brows look a lot darker, more defined, and even denser.

People with oily or combination skin types will find powder brows an effective technique to get the brows they have always wanted!

Differences Between Powder Brows and Microblading

Microblading and powder brows both come under the umbrella of semi-permanent makeup. The significant difference between the two is how the pigments are inserted into the skin.

Powder brows involve the use of a shading technique that deposits pin-dot pigmentations into your skin to mimic the way you do your brows every day. Whereas, in microblading tiny insertions are made to deposit pigment in a manner that creates realistic and natural-looking hair strokes.

The process for powder brows is also less invasive than microblading, and it suits all skin types.

How Long Do Powder Brows Last?

If you are worried about changing trends and fear you might be investing in something permanent you have nothing to worry about. Semi-permanent makeup will not last on your skin forever and isn’t by any means an actual tattoo.

If we talk about powder brows specifically, these last for about two to five years. Several factors come into play when it comes to the age of powder brows. Your lifestyle, health condition, sunlight exposure, and how it was done all determine the duration your powder brows are likely to last.

The Pain Threshold For Powder Brows

How much a semi-permanent makeup procedure will hurt depends on every individual’s pain threshold, and powder brows are no different.

You may meet some people who would tell you it does not hurt at all and there might also be some who claim that it hurts a lot. The experience can be unique for everyone.

However, in most instances, powder brows are a painless procedure. Your aesthetician or artist will typically apply topical anesthetics during the procedure to ensure that you are not uncomfortable. 

Getting powder brows is not a procedure you need to be afraid of pain-wise, as it inflicts even lesser discomfort than microblading.

Why Powder Brows?

There are many ways to answer this question. It is a safe procedure that can alter your eyebrow look for the better. 

You must also be wondering what are the benefits of powder brows that you won’t get with other treatments? To make things easy, here’s a list of why you would choose powder brows over other makeup procedures.

  • It suits all skin types
  • Ideal for women with oily skin
  • A non-invasive procedure 
  • Close to painless
  • Recreates bro makeup you wore every day
  • Lasts for a fairly long time
  • Makes your eyebrows appear fuller and more defined

How Much Does It Cost?

Powder brows cost about the same as other semi-permanent makeup services. Such procedures aren’t cheap but compared to micro-needling and other permanent makeup procedures powder brows are relatively more affordable..

The general price for powder brows ranges from $400 to $800, but studios and artists can ask for a lot more depending on where you live and who you choose to go to. 

Are Powder Brows Worth It?

It is time to address the elephant in the room. The question may be simple; are powder brows worth it? But the answer is not so much.

There are so many things to take into account when it comes to deciding the worth of a procedure. However, if you see it as an investment and not an expense, you will find the cost and everything else worth the value for powder brows.

If you are tired of getting up every morning and filling your brows with countless cosmetic products before you even step out, plus enduring the pain of plucking them every once in a while, then you will definitely find powder brows worth it.

Powder Brow Services In Alameda, CA

Any cosmetology procedure requires expertise. It requires an artist to be skilled, certified, and professionally trained. Only an experienced artist should be trusted for makeup procedures such as powder brows. Always ensure to check before and after pictures of the artist’s previous work before opting for the procedure.

If you are interested in knowing more about powder brows, visit Powder Brows by Claudia, located in Alameda, CA. We excel at all types of semi-permanent makeup services and can help guide you in determining what makeup technique would be best suited for your brows and your skin type. 

Give us a call today or pay us a visit. Your brows with thank you!