Permanent makeup can be a life-changing experience. The way it eliminates or minimizes the need for daily application of makeup saves so much time and effort. Those who have gotten permanent makeup such as eyebrows can’t imagine their lives without it. It gives them an enhanced appearance, and defined look and frames their beautiful eyes. It’s an instant confidence boost!

As much as no one wants to lose their permanent brows, they will inevitably fade with time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t hold on to them for as long as possible.

You can make your permanent brows last a lot longer than average by taking good care of them and your skin. All you need to do is maintain them well and you can look fresh and enjoy the never-ending benefits of this low-maintenance cosmetic option.

Here’s your guide to maintaining permanent makeup:

Maintaining Your Permanent Brows Makeup

The longevity of permanent brows depends on several factors, including the type of pigment used, skin type, lifestyle, and aftercare. On average, permanent brows can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years, although some people may find that they last longer with proper care.

Factors such as exposure to the sun, swimming, excessive sweating, and skin type can all cause the color to fade faster and may require more frequent touch-up appointments. To ensure that your permanent brows last as long as possible, it’s important to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your makeup artist, protect your skin from harmful elements, and check with your artist to ensure it is the right time to give them a color boost.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your enhancement:

Use the Right Skincare Products

Developing a proper skincare routine can work wonders in elongating the life of your permanent brows, and as an added benefit, it helps you achieve beautiful skin.

Cleanser: The first step is to keep your skin clean, especially the area around your permanent makeup. A good cleanser will do the job. We recommend using gentle, fragrance-free cleansers that clean nicely, without stripping your face of its natural oils or causing irritation. Steer clear from strong exfoliators that contain alcohol or harsh chemicals as they dry out your skin.

Sunscreen: Exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can rapidly fade your permanent makeup way earlier than it is supposed to. One way to prevent that from happening is to use a high-quality, broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Apply sunscreen every day, even when you plan to spend the day indoors and even when it’s raining or snowing. In the initial days after your procedure, since no products are allowed during healing, you can protect your permanent makeup by wearing a hat and oversized shades.

Moisturizers: Moisturized and hydrated skin holds onto the pigments longer as compared to dry and flaky skin. Invest in a high-quality, fragrance-free moisturizer that is also gentle and non-comedogenic. Also, don’t forget to hydrate from within and get your daily water intake. You also may use a mild alpha hydroxy serum to exfoliate the skin gently so they remain vibrant. 

By following these skincare recommendations, you will help longevity and ensure great long-term healed results. Additionally, avoid retinol and retinoids along the brow area including the forehead as they will fade your enhancement faster. you should also avoid picking or scratching at the area and limit your exposure to the sun. Regular touch-ups with a professional makeup artist can also help keep your permanent makeup looking its best.

Avoid Certain Activities

Lifestyle has a major impact on the longevity of permanent makeup. You might have to avoid or limit certain activities right after your procedure, such as:

Swimming: You must avoid swimming for at least two weeks after getting your enhancement done. Doing so can and will cause an infection that can be serious due to bacteria in large bodies of water. Once fully healed you may resume swimming. If lap swimming please be sure to protect the area with a layer of Vaseline or Aquaphor in order to create a barrier and protect them. Wash off any chemicals as soon as possible. Always wear sunscreen if at the beach. 

Excessive Sweating: Sweating can cause your permanent makeup to blur and fade, especially in high-heat, high-humidity environments. To minimize this, avoid strenuous exercise or other activities that cause you to sweat excessively for at least 10 days after getting your permanent makeup done.

Touching the area: Touching the area around your permanent makeup with dirty hands can introduce bacteria and increase the risk of infection. To minimize this risk, avoid touching the area as much as possible and wash your hands thoroughly before touching it if necessary. You should also avoid sleeping on your face during the healing period. 

By following these steps, you can help ensure that your permanent makeup will heal best and will  last longer and retain its natural-looking appearance. Additionally, it’s important to follow any other aftercare instructions provided by your makeup artist to help ensure the best possible results.

Transform Your Beauty Game with Permanent Makeup

Whether you are looking to enhance your natural beauty, save time on your morning routine, or simply enjoy the convenience of having makeup that never washes off, permanent makeup is a great investment that can provide you with beautiful results for years to come.

Maintaining your permanent makeup is important to enjoy beautiful, long-lasting results. But it won’t be of any use if your procedure isn’t of the highest quality in the first place. If you are in Alameda, CA, book Your Appointment with Powder Brows by Claudia. Here, we only use the finest pigment on our clients and our artists are highly trained to perform the best procedures.