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Eyebrow tattoos that are solid and inky are a thing of the past. The times have changed, thanks to modern technology in the permanent cosmetics space, which allows us to achieve our bushy-browed aspirations. Since then, techniques, methods, and products have progressed, and they continue to do so as new services are developed in the beauty industry. Our beautiful studio is located in Alameda, just a short drive from the heart of Oakland! We are the bay area’s best at permanent eyebrows!

Powder Brows Oakland

– What we offer

Powder brows, often known as “ombré brows,” are made using the same mechanical instrument and single needle as nano brows. The ombre method means a more filled-in, with shading features, and a powdered texture that resembles brow makeup. This method is especially ideal for those with thick, textured, or oily skin, and it may be used to color-correct already tattooed brows.

Perfection 3D Eyebrows Oakland

– The Benefits

For our sparse brow clients in Oakland, we have the perfect solution for you! Some chic Ombre powder brows benefits include:

● Add texture and shape to brows
● Look realistic & gorgeous
● Stay in place, even after sleeping or being active
● Resist water and sweat
● Help hair loss conditions
● Perfect for every skin type

Oakland’s Permanent Eyebrow FAQS

Located in Alameda (7 Minute Drive)

How Do I Prepare for an Eyebrow Tattoo Appointment?

Prior to treatment, it’s crucial to stay hydrated and avoid alcohol and caffeine, like with other cosmetic procedures. To prevent sunburns or peeling throughout the healing process, avoid significant sun exposure for two weeks before and after your session. Always consult with a permanent makeup expert, such as Claudia, before making a decision!

What to Expect During an Eyebrow Tattoo Appointment?

Your brow artist will collaborate with you to create your perfect brow shape and select a pigment colour that complements your hair and skin tone. Although eyebrow tattooing can be irritating, it is seldom severe or excruciating when developing life, like hair strokes. To facilitate a comfortable experience and to prevent any discomfort, a topical anaesthetic will usually be administered before the start of the procedure. It normally takes two hours to finish the entire process. Minor redness and swelling are to be expected, but they should only last a day or two.

What should I Focus on After my Treatment?

For perfect results, it is important to follow the aftercare process provided by the estheticians. There are many factors that involve the right combination to ensure beautiful brows. These can range from how you wash your face right away, to how many sessions you need to ensure an ideal look. Our customers are our world, so we always want to make sure you’re treated with absolute care.

Microblading Eyebrows Oakland vs. Powder Brows

Unlike microblading in Oakland, California, which utilises a pen-like hand device to cut microscopic incisions into the skin, the powder brow technique is performed with a machine, similar to what a tattoo artist may use. Powder brows have a number of advantages, one of which is that they can be applied to almost any skin tone. There are extra limitations when it comes to Microblading.

One of the main reasons we prefer the ombre look. When it comes to these aesthetic procedures, this semi-permanent eyebrow shaping approach gives you additional options. Permanent makeup artists will revolve the service specifically around the goals of the client. This is usually discussed during the consultation process. Remember to ask questions if you need clarification on the information provided to you. Also, don’t forget to book in with us today!

Client Love – Our Reviews

Claudia is the best. She made the whole experience as pain free and enjoyable as possible, even better than I expected. She is very professional and aware of the limitations that would make your brows look terrible. I am feeling extra beautiful thanks to her work. I highly recommend her.

Kristin Hankins

I highly recommend Claudia for her skill, expertise, and professionalism. Get to know her philosophy and style via her IG and website. I appreciate her guidance and knowledge which led to getting very natural and complicated brows that frame my face well! I’ve already referred her to a friend who is really happy with results as well, and I’ll keep referring her! Thanks Claudia!
I love my brows!! I was totally nervous and did a ton of research before I decided to do powdered brows (vs microblading…what I originally thought I wanted, but the thought of actually cutting into my skin didn’t sound like a smart move in the long run). I came across Claudia’s photos and booked an appointment almost immediately. I just had my touch up appointment and was so impressed how honest Claudia was that it looked like I didn’t need anything touched up (I thought the same). We decided to leave them alone and she didn’t even charge me.

Sarah G

Going to Claudia for my powder brows was THE BEST decision I could have made! I LOVE MY EYEBROWS (again)!!! Claudia filled in & shaped my eyebrows better than they have ever been! She is straightforward & honest with you if you are not a good candidate. This is what I truly appreciate about her; rather than make a quick dollar & have an unhappy/unsatisfied customer she will turn you away. Claudia was thorough about what she would be doing & what to expect. There were no surprises! As long as Claudia is in business I will be a customer!


Powder Brows By Claudia

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Oakland is a city on the east side of San Francisco Bay, in California. Jack London Square has a statue of the writer, who frequented the area. Nearby, Old Oakland features restored Victorian architecture and boutiques. Near Chinatown, the Oakland Museum of California covers state history, nature and art. Uptown contains the art deco Fox and Paramount theaters, restaurants, bars and galleries.

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