If you think permanent makeup has an age limit, think again! It is one of the few cosmetic treatments that doesn’t discriminate based on age. If anything, it helps women with mature skin to relive their days of youth and glory. Most importantly, it helps them stay fit, well-maintained, and in love with themselves, in a good way!

It’s all because permanent makeup is highly flexible and can be adjusted to suit the unique needs of mature skin. How exactly does it all work? Let’s find out:

Understanding Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup and micro pigmentation are often used interchangeably. It is a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting pigment into the skin to mimic the appearance of makeup. Just like tattoos! However, where traditional tattoos stand out on the skin, cosmetic tattoos are supposed to blend them and appear as if it has been a part of your skin all along.

One of the most popular areas for permanent makeup is the eyebrows because that’s the one that gives us the most trouble as we grow older.  Also, eyebrows frame the face nicely and a well-defined brow enhances our natural beauty.

However, many people struggle with thinning, uneven, or sparse eyebrows due to aging, over-plucking, or medical conditions.

Permanent makeup can help solve these issues by creating the appearance of fuller, more symmetrical eyebrows that complement the face. It’s not limited in its application either and can be easily customized for people of all ages, with all the different kinds of brows.

Other forms of permanent makeup help deal with various problem areas such as permanent lip blush that helps create an illusion of fuller and plumper lips. It looks completely natural too!

Some of the most popular and successful permanent makeup procedures include:

  • Powder brows
  • Microblading
  • Ombre brows
  • Permanent eyeliner
  • Lip blush
  • Areola tattooing

Permanent Makeup for Older Women: How Does it Work?

Ironically, many people are under the impression that permanent makeup might not be for mature women when it has all the solutions for aging skin.

Take brows for example. Permanent makeup techniques can be used to enhance the appearance of thinning eyebrows, which is a common concern among older women.

Permanent makeup artists have the skills to create natural-looking hair strokes to fill in sparse areas and create a fuller, more youthful-looking brow.

Similarly, permanent makeup can be used to enhance the lips, which may lose volume and definition with age. A skilled artist can use a variety of techniques to create the appearance of fuller, more shapely lips that flatter the face.

Of course, older women can achieve these looks with regular, everyday makeup. However, it’s not always easy. Old age is often accompanied by shaking hands, deteriorating eyesight, and wrinkles that give a rough makeup application.

With permanent makeup, you wake up and look perfect. You can go to the gym, meet up with a friend for coffee, run your own business, and do a lot more without having to worry about looking immaculate. Permanent makeup will take care of that.

That said, here are some best choices for women with mature skin:

  • Eyelashes Enhancement

Eyelash enhancement is a non-invasive procedure that gives you long and voluminous lashes. It instantly lifts the face and helps you get in touch with your feminine side.

  • Microblading

Microblading is another permanent makeup that can have a huge impact on your appearance. However, it can be limited to certain types of mature skin. If your skin is robust and healthy, you will benefit from microblading. However, if your skin has thinned with age and is very delicate, especially around the brow bones, a better option for you is powder brows.

  • Powder brows

Powder brows have none of the limitations of microblading. It is suitable for all skin types and all ages. In addition, it gives off a softer, more natural appearance. Something that older women are usually looking for. This technique also brings density and definition to the brows and is quicker to heal compared to microblading.

Where microblading involves the use of small blades, powder brows are achieved using tiny needles and smaller strokes.

  • Eyeliner Tattooing

As we age, our eyes sink into our eyebags, hiding their depth and beauty. Eyeliner helps with highlighting the beauty of our eyes. Unfortunately, with increasing wrinkles around the eye, it gets quite difficult to draw eyeliner and get it to stay there.

Although eyeliner tattoos are not for all aging skin, it is still an option you can consider. Make sure to consult a specialist before going for it.  

Easy Maintenance

One of the reasons why permanent makeup is a great option for mature skin is because it is a breeze to maintain. All types of permanent makeup (except eyelashes) last up to 2 years.  

All you need to do to maintain them is to get regular touch-ups. The key to successful permanent makeup on mature skin is to get a reputable artist to do it. They’d adjust their techniques to suit the needs of mature skin.

Also, discussing your expectations and the procedure will help you plan better.

This is true not just for mature women but for anyone who is going for permanent makeup. A reputable makeup artist and a better understanding of the procedure is the secret to enjoying your best features using permanent makeup.

Enhance your Timeless Beauty with Powder Brows

Permanent makeup is a great option for mature women who want to enhance their natural beauty and simplify their makeup routine.

All you need is the right artist who can customize their technique to suit your skin’s unique needs. We suggest a permanent makeup artist who is armed with a variety of techniques to create natural-looking hair strokes that blend seamlessly with existing brow hairs or create a fully shaded effect for a more dramatic look.

If you’re looking for a skilled artist in Alameda, CA, stop by Powder Brows by Claudia.

At Claudia’s, we are all experts and innovators of our craft. We strive day and night to make sure every woman, regardless of her age, feels beautiful and comfortable in her skin as she steps out of our doors.