Scarce eyebrows are no longer an issue today. With tons of tools and techniques out there to choose from you can significantly make a difference in how your brows look. The range of options often leaves one confused. Not just the technique, but also the results. How do their face skin type and current brow situation factor into these solutions? Well, let’s find out!

Those who aren’t directly involved in the beauty industry are unaware of the numerous options we have today. In fact, for many of us, the old-school dark, “sharpie” looking eyebrows immediately jump to mind when thinking of eyebrows attained through permanent makeup. But long gone are those days.

The world of permanent makeup has evolved and is growing every day. You can get eyebrows so natural, that those who don’t know you would never be able to tell. If you are on your journey to new brows, knowing your options out there will help you find out the best method for getting permanent brows.

The Best Methods For Permanent Eyebrows


Everyone has heard of microblading or what some artists refer to as brow embroidery, by now. This revolutionary method of natural-looking brows took the beauty industry by storm. The next thing we knew, everyone had great eyebrows.

This treatment uses a handheld tool with a blade at its end. The microblade is used to cut lines onto your skin and deposit pigment simultaneously to mimic the look of hair or hair strokes. Microblading doesn’t fully fill the brows but it helps give the illusion of fuller brows. Hence, the natural appearance.

Microblading is an amazing brow treatment with one big limitation, it is not for most people. Only clients with perfect skin, a good amount of brow hair, and between 20-29 are good candidates. Anyone over 30, with oily/combination skin, rich melanin skin, and sparse brows will not have good results with this technique. 

Powder Brows

Powder brows are known by many names, some common ones include airbrushed brows, borderless brows, or Stardust brows. This technique involves a digital machine that implants pigment into the skin, in a way that gives a powdery effect.  

While they are suitable for everyone, powder brows are especially perfect for people with oily skin. People who have all or just some of their natural hair left on their brows also make good candidates for powder brows. We can keep them soft and natural or a little bit bolder for those who wear a bit more makeup. Compared to micro blading, powder brows last much longer, about 2-5 years.

Instagram Brows

Micro shading is more easily recognized by the moniker Instagram Brow. This brow method involves a sophisticated shading technique done through several tools. The PMU uses a variety of tools and change techniques to best fit your preferred style of brows. In general, micro shading leaves you with bolder and fuller-looking eyebrows. Instagram brows are perfect for those who like to stay Insta-ready at all times, have a good fit, and have makeup on.

One popular way micro shading is used is to create a gradient look that many celebrities are seen with. This is what we call an Ombre Powder brow.

Henna Brows

Henna brows aren’t permanent, but they are a somewhat semi-permanent method of tinting the brows and skin so they appear fuller, with more definition. This treatment lasts for up to 6-weeks. On the upside, it’s a non-invasive procedure and has no downtime. But the downside is that it requires a patch test as many people can have an allergy to henna. 

Nano Brows

Nano brows are fast gaining traction and will soon be right up there with microblading and powder brows. This new technique is permanent makeup and it involves using a makeup device to add pigment through nano strokes.

The device usually involves only one needle, which is then used to make very thin crisp lines/hair strokes. This adds definition to the eyebrows and makes them appear fuller, in the most natural way. Although invasive, it is considered less intense and painful than microblading. Where microblading slashes into the skin as it adds pigment, this one only involves tiny punctures to embed pigment. Nano brows will last you a good one year before you might need a touchup.

Which One Is The Best Permanent Makeup For Eyebrows?

Although every permanent makeup for eyebrows has its pros and cons, we’d give our highest ratings to powder brows. Mainly because the technique of powder brows keeps evolving with time, hence you can follow the trends without changing the method.

Powder brows are one of the few brow treatments that are suitable for almost all skin types including oily skin. Pigment easily botches up on oily skin, ruining the entire treatment. However, with powder brows, this is not an issue. It can also provide structure and fullness to your brows without them looking overdone. Powder brows give you the look of soft filled-in brows, hence the name, without having to fill them in yourself every day. 

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