Getting your brows done can be very exciting and also nerve-wracking. I know it’s a big deal to trust someone with your face and I take that responsibility very serious. So I wanted to give any of my potential clients looking to book an appointment with me an idea of what your experience will be like when you come in to get your Powder/Ombre brows.

First things first! After I greet you and welcome you in I will have you have a seat and will have you fill out all the release forms and go through your medical history with you, to make sure there is not anything that I need to know that could disqualify you or affect the results or your enhancement. After doing a temperature check and have you please wash your hands, due to Covid precautions, I will take you back to the treatment room where you can hang all your belongings and get comfortable.

I reserve the first 2 hours to discuss your concerns and what look you want to achieve during our first session. Then I will move on to creating the perfect shape for YOU. Of course, I will ask for your feedback as I work my magic and we will not move on until we are both satisfied with the design.

Now here comes the fun part!! Well, for me at least. I will ask you to lay down and I will begin the process of tattooing your new beautiful eyebrows. But, wait a min, I want to make something very clear. I always tell my clients that I build a brow in two sessions. And even though your brows will look beautiful after you leave, please know,in order to have the best, and most natural results I have to work conservatively and you will need to come back for your perfecting session (touch up) around the six week mark. I say this because most of my clients come to me for natural results and in order for me to deliver, we need to sprinkle color in 2 sometimes even 3 sessions. I do this to make sure my clients don’t end up with dark, angry bird brows that they you up hating. We can always add, but we cannot erase!

Finally, I will show you the mirror and we will double and triple check to add any finishing details before you leave with the brows of your dreams!!

I absolutely love what I do. And I cant wait to meet you and enhance your unique natural beauty with some gorgeous brows!!