Are you sacrificing 15/20 minutes of your precious sleep time just so you can walk out the door with perfect eyebrows? The latter part is understandable, but sleep is essential too! 

How about we work smarter and not harder? Permanent makeup procedures such as powder brows offer the best solution to date for all our brow woes.

Powder brows, also known as ombre brows, are one of the most popular permanent makeup procedures trending across North America and Europe. 

The shading technique used in the procedure gives the most natural appearance to your brows, making them appear soft and subtly filled in. Its amazing results have taken the beauty world by storm. 

However, before you go rushing to your nearest salon, there’s something you should know. Not everyone can get powder bros. While these procedures are safe and non-invasive, powder brows can clash with certain health conditions and medication.

Who Should Not Get Powder Brows?

If you are considering getting a permanent makeup procedure such as powder brows done, make sure you are not on this list of people who should avoid the procedure.

  • Diabetic Patients with uncontrolled diabetes

It’s not a good idea for diabetic patients that are not currently managing their diabetes to get any kind of permanent makeup done, including powder brows. These clients don’t do well with wound healing. However, there could be exceptions depending on the type and severity of the condition and how well it is being managed. Either way, you’d need written approval from your doctor beforehand.

  • People with Allergies

People who are allergic to metal, dye, etc. aren’t suitable candidates for powder brows. The procedure involves the use of a very thin needle and pigments, which can cause a severe reaction in individuals who are allergic to one or both.

  • People suffering from Various Skin Conditions close to or within the brow area

The powder brows procedure can further aggravate the symptoms of several skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, dermatitis, cystic acne, etc. Your skin is my canvas and in order to get great results it needs to be healthy. We cannot work on inflamed or compromised skin. 

  •  Lupus Patients

Lupus patients have a compromised immune system. Their body is more likely to attack the freshly tattooed area and develop a severe infection.

  •  People with Pre-existing Conditions

If you have certain pre-existing medical conditions, you will not be a candidate for Cosmetic tattooing. If you suffer from any of the following, get approval from your doctor before you make an appointment:

  • Bleeding/bruising disorders
  • People who have been prescribed blood thinning medications
  • Patients undergoing chemotherapy
  • Individuals who have contracted viral infections or diseases
  • People with freshly done Botox and sun-damaged Skin
  • People with very fragile skin
  • Nicotine smokers

People who have had Botox injections recently, cannot undergo the powder brow procedure for at least 2 weeks after the injections. The same rule applies to those whose skin was recently sunburned or have cumulative sun damage. If sunburned they must wait at least 4 weeks to allow the skin to fully heal and recover before considering powder brows.

  • Minors

Children under the age of 18 cannot get powder brows, not even with their parent’s consent. There might be salons that are willing to do permanent makeup on minors, but we strongly discourage it. Not only is it illegal in many states to tattoo minors but it is also not recommended as their bone structure and features might still be developing.

  • Pregnant 

Pregnant women should not be undergoing any form of tattooing including cosmetic tattooing. One should not put the baby and pregnancy under any unnecessary stress. During the service, we use topical numbing in order to keep you comfortable and those products contain ingredients that could affect the baby’s heart rate and health. And although infections due to permanent makeup are extremely rare, if it were to occur we would want to avoid the use of antibiotics during this time.

  • Organ Recipients

People who have gone through organ transplants most likely have a compromised immune system. Their body can attack the tattooed site, and create further complications. People who have undergone organ transplants must consult their doctor first.

  • Individuals on Accutane

Accutane is an excellent medication for treating acne. However, it also has several side effects such as extremely dry, thin, and sensitive skin. People who are currently on Accutane or have only been recently off it, cannot get the procedure done. They are eligible for the procedure three months after they have stopped taking Accutane, or until their skin has completely healed and is back to normal.

  • If you have unrealistic expectations of what this service can do for you

If you expect perfection or expect to replace bold topical makeup with Powder Brows then this might not be the service for you. This is a low-maintenance service, not a no-maintenance service. I aim to give my clients a natural enhancement that they can wake up with every day and save time on their daily routine. If you are looking to replace your heavy makeup then this might not be for you.

With that said, most of my clients don’t need to touch their brows on a daily basis besides maintaining the hair outside of the shape, some that wear a lot of makeup may still need to add a bit to the brows, depending on the look they are going for. Also having unrealistic expectations and expecting perfection on a human asymmetrical face will most likely leave you dissatisfied. 

This is not an exact science, and I am an artist, not a robot. I give 110% to all my clients and have very high expectations for my work but with that said, perfection is not attainable. My goal is to balance and enhance what you naturally have. This will ensure a more sustainable and natural look over time.

  • People Who Can’t Find A Qualified Technician For Powder Brows

One thing that isn’t talked about much is the importance of a trained and experienced permanent makeup artist for powder brows. You must also avoid getting powder brows until you have found an expert technician.

Some tips on how to increase your chances of finding a good artist are: Make sure they are licensed by the local health department, working at a licensed facility, and insured. Ask for healed work! I cannot stress this enough. Pictures of freshly done before and afters are great but they don’t tell the whole story. Look for healed work because that is what your brows will look like. Book a consultation and make sure the artist can design a look that enhances YOUR natural beauty. No cookie-cutter brows. Ask lots of questions. A well-trained artist will be able to address your concerns and should be honest about what can be achieved with your individual features. 

The best way to go about it is to ask trusted experts. Ask a board-certified dermatologist to point you in the right direction. The inner networking of dermatologists will certainly lead you to a trusted and well-trained powder brows technician.

Why Powder Brows?

Powder brows are by far the safest and most painless of all makeup procedures. Even those with oily skin can opt for this procedure without having to compromise on results. When considering procedures such as microblading, micro-needling, etc. one has a lot more to think about and consider. However, with powder brows not so much. In the right hands, this procedure is completely safe and offers unmatched results!

A Highly Reputed Powder Brow Studio Near You!

If you aren’t aware of any of the above exceptions, honest, licensed, and trained powder brow artists will review your medical history and advise you against the procedure. In some cases, they might even refuse to perform the procedure on you due to legal or health safety issues.

However, if you don’t have any of these underlying medical issues and the only reason you haven’t had your brows done yet is that you can’t find a trusted artist or studio look no further than Powder Brows by Claudia in Alameda, CA.

The more experienced and trained an artist is, the better would be the resulting look. At Powder Brows by Claudia, we have some of the most renowned permanent makeup artists around with years of experience and phenomenal track records! 

Please do not hesitate to submit a picture for review so we can make sure to qualify you. If there is a doubt that you could be a candidate please book a phone or in-person consultation with us!